Tutoring Rates

Tutors are available from primary, through to GCSE Level.

Our rates are very reasonable, but please email us or call for rates

Primary Level/11+
GCSE Tuition


We can usually be flexible in cases of genuine difficulty.

Travelling charge minimum £3.00 (if the tutor visits your home). The actual charge depends on the distance travelled by the tutor. £3.00 covers a 3-mile radius from the tutor's house, after that, add £1.00p per mile (remember that the fee includes a visit and return, plus time for the tutor, so is actually very reasonable).

The travelling charge is a one-off charge per visit, not per hour, so is incurred once only for each home visit by the tutor. If you visit the tutor, there is, of course, no travel charge.

You pay these fees directly to the tutor - you do not pay the Agency any further fees.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, or by credit or debit card. Please enquire if you wish to pay by this method.